Best Knife For Operators

The Toor knife was sent to me recently from Toor for the book giveaway. The winner will receive the knife and a signed copy of Rising Above. I have not up until this point paid much attention to knives. In my opinion they are extremely expensive for a tool that most of the time I lose or misplace. Knives were required in SERE school as well as Law Enforcement. For SERE I chose to go with the status qua and bring the time tested KA-BAR. The KA-BAR performed well for that school but is not a knife I would want on my kit. It is far too large and bulky to fit comfortably (in my opinion) on my kit.

There was, however, one option that cadre liked to rep I am sure they had some monetary investment in the company because it was named after the school this instructor help teach (The SOCP knife). This thing is cool and does fit the job it is intended for (ill explain why in a second). The biggest downside to the SOCP knife was the sheath in my opinion, I just don't like it.

The second downside to the SOCP knife was that it, well... isn't a knife... it is a dagger and yes it is cool but it is very specific in it's capabilities, If I were to spend the money I want a knife that can also perform the duty of a knife as well as a dagger. This is where I see the Serpent shining. The handle is so comfortable and the sheath can actually be attached to your kit given the multiple grommet holes. So how do SF guys attach thier knives? well that is a very personal question but here is my opinion... We like to have the finger loop in case we need the knife in an emergency. The knife for an operator is a tertiary weapon system. If the fight suddenly becomes hand to hand we need to be able to get our thumb in the loop with either hand and start using the knife to create space. The idea being that if we are in a hand to hand fight for our lives the difference in using gloves, reduced dexterity from cold or just reduced hand eye coordination, the loop could be the difference in you getting your weapon first or the enemy getting his.

So long story short the Toor Serpent is an amazing option that I wish I knew about when I was operating. I would have had that knife centerline in my kit in order to have access with both hands even pinned on the ground or up against a wall. The Toor knife is comfortable thin and a great option for operators looking to have a well performing knife to add to their arsenal.

Thanks for reading guys keep hammering (as Cam Hanes likes to say)

Buck out.

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